Creative by Nature Art Studio
Paintings by Linda Corbitt


Your paintings are absolutly beautiful! You look soo good Linda, seeing your picture made me miss you again xo This is an amazing web site! I will be showing my friends and family Congrats Linda Mae Hugs
Cindy Thomson - 4 Apr 2014
I never knew! What talent, Linda! I'm shocked! They are lovely! My favourite- the purple rose! You are beautiful, inside and out! Never stop doing this girl! You are wonderful! Congrats on your website! I will be checking it out, from now on, and getting my sister to check it out, as she is a painter too! I am so amazed! Leo's brother is a painter as well! Check out Lloyd Pretty' studio, when you have some time! You rock, girl! I am proud to say, I know you!
Marina Sweet - 4 Apr 2014
Impressive works. I enjoyed reviewing everything you have available and look forward to visiting from time to time for updates.
NeilD - 3 Apr 2014
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