Creative by Nature Art Studio
Paintings by Linda Corbitt

Linda Corbitt


Hi, I'm Linda Corbitt and I would like to welcome you to my online studio!

I hope you will enjoy browsing thru my paintings as much as I've enjoyed painting them.

My personal goal as an artist is:

To create something that brings a smile to the viewer
evokes an emotion, maybe a memory 

If you find something special in even one piece then I'm happy and grateful that you took a moment out of your life to pause and reflect on something I have created.

Thank-you and again, welcome!

My Artistic Journey

Let me tell you something about myself and how this journey of mine has found this path.

I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

Growing up in such a beautiful city and experiencing all that it had to offer made it easy to be influenced by art at a young age.

The numerous museums, the galleries and my favorite place to visit on a weekend ... the Botanical Gardens, all contributed to my early and lasting appreciation for the beauty of nature and fueled the desire within me to bring my visions to life on canvas.

.Over the years, I've never lost my love of the arts and after raising 2 sons in Fort McMurray and when the opportunity presented itself in the form of refirement, my husband and I moved to a beautiful community on Vancouver Island - Chemainus.

It's difficult to live in that community without being revived by the painting bug. Art is every where from the murals that adorn the buildings to the many art exhibits.

I now had both desire and time. The next ten years allowed me to take a self directed approach and I was fortunate to be able to travel thru out Canada and the United States to attend classes, seminars and workshops offered by numerous accomplished artists. When I travel one of the first things on my agenda is to check out the local art scene and sign up for a class. It's my belief that once you feel you have nothing left to learn it's time to put away your brushes. In this I continue to seek  knowlege and inspiration from the world around me.

I have discovered that over the years, a wonderful thing has taken place, my brushes have begun to take me in many different directions and my unique style and love for originality has emerged.

I often marvel that if I listen and trust my brushes they will lead me. All I have to do is follow and give them encouragement sometimes merely by musing, "I wonder what would happen if ..."

Today, I work in mixed media, watercolor and pen and ink.

I love bold and bright colors.

I try to give depth to each work and bring my heart into all that I create whether it's a soaring dragon fly, a flower in full bloom or a tiny snail making its way across a leaf.

 I'm always so honored when someone not only admires my art but invites it into their home. That to me is true success, and joy.

Life has now brought me back to the wide open skies of Alberta and I currently live in Sherwood Park where I continue to explore new paths.

So please, browse and enjoy!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you!